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We personalise our courses and our teachers have years of experience.

Language courses for kids

English – French – German – Russian

When we learn a second language, we are learning how to live in our globalised society, we learn our place in a world in which KNOWING a second language, affects directly our professional and personal success. Bilingual kids positively learn new abilities as oposed to monolingual kids. Our language courses reflect in a positive way in your children. Be aware that they will HAVE TO KNOW a second language for their University degree.
It is for all these reasons that we not only teach general courses, but also preparation for specific oficial exams. 
Create a new easier path for your kids or improve yours.
We manage to get an effective learning thanks to an attractive way of teaching based in funny and communicative activities. The courses contents are adapted to the level and age of the kids or adults.
We have the best  teachers to make your kid increase his confidence in themselves and so they live in their bes possible adult life.
Don’t worry about the timetables, we make it compatible with the school schedule.

Only 3 students make a group

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